Monday, September 29, 2014

Face 29 for the 29 Faces Challenge - September 2014

Finally, the 29 Faces Challenge draws to a close!  I'm kind of sad in a way, because I had so much fun drawing the different faces this month.  I also got to meet a lot of amazingly talented artists and to make a few new friends in the process.  I know I said it early in some of my posts, but I highly recommend the challenge to all artists.  The challenge is open to people of all ages and skill levels - it's a terrific goal to set for yourself, and it allows you to get in a lot of drawing practice.

For the final face in this month's challenge, I decided to draw one of the most iconic faces in the world - the face of Nefertiti.  I actually made a ceramic statue of Nefertiti years back, so it was really fun to revisit her image while working with a different art form.

"Nefertiti," by Dayna Winters.
Below I've included a couple of collages that show all of the faces I completed in the 29 Faces Challenge.  Admittedly, when I decided to participate, I thought, with my health, disability, chronic pain, and fatigue, I would'nt be able to accomplish the goal I was setting.  But I did and I managed to do so by pacing myself and just taking a little bit of time each day to dedicate to art.