Monday, February 9, 2015

A week full of fantastic things!

"It's the season of love!"
So, I've picked up a writing gig for SLAM - Support Local Arts Magazine, and I LOVE IT!!!! I'm having a lot of fun talking with other artists about their work, techniques, and their artistic endeavors. So far, I've interviewed three fantastic artists!  Two of the interviews are already released.  I interviewed professional artist Phil Jaeger who, in all honesty, has some seriously mind blowing art! The details in his work are absolutely incredible.  If I had to choose among my favorites I'd say I love his depictions of "Tortoise House," and "Owl Perch."  Now I could describe the paintings, but I really think they are something you should see for yourself!  Check out my interview with Phil Jaeger on SLAM!

I also had the chance to interview artist Ambre Wallitsch: Another incredible person who is truly passionate about her artistic pursuits.  In fact, she's so into her art she finds time to do it even after working a job and taking care of four children.  Some of her artwork relates to patriotic themes as well, and once you learn about her background, you'll understand why!  The pieces I enjoy the most are "American Eagle, " and "Too Sexy for This Hat!"  Check out my interview with Ambre Wallitsch on SLAM.

I've also got another interview waiting in the wings!  I've had a chance to talk with Bette Orr, a terrific retiree who is pursuing her art during her retirement years.  Bette's favorite medium is watercolor and her images are full of mixtures of vivid and soft colors and nature themes!  I'll be sure to supply a link once the interview is released!

Meanwhile, back on the farm, I've gotten another article up at The Magical Buffet, although I'm a bit late on announcing it!  Last month's column "Connecting the Dots - Journaling and Dream Connections," is available.  What's more, within a few weeks the February article will be available.  If you're wondering about February's theme, I'll give you a clue.  What does passion and abduction have to do with one another?  What's more, what do the two have to do with dreams, if anything?

Soooo.. while you're waiting to find out the answer to that one, on the same site there is now a review of the third book I co-authored "The Esoteric Dream Book."

Also.......( I told you I've been busy lol!).....

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